How To Craft Your Content Marketing Mission Statement

Originally published on by Liz Bedor.

A content marketing mission statement is the first step you should take when crafting your strategy. In our strategy workshops, this is often anticipated as a quick exercise that actually ends up spurring long debates. This happens, however, for good reason. Your mission statement should be the foundation for what your content marketing hopes to achieve. This should concisely summarise the value you hope to provide to your audience.

While there are a few different ways to approach writing this statement, there are three key components you should try to include:

  1. The core target audience
  2. What will be delivered to the audience
  3. The outcome for the audience

Another way to think of this is to state who this content is intended for, what type of content they can expect to find and what benefit they will receive from consuming it.

Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Inc. Magazine: “Welcome to, the place where entrepreneurs and business owners can find useful information, advice, insights, resources and inspiration for running and growing their business.”
  •  American Express OPEN Forum: “Insights, Inspiration, and Connections to Grow Your Business.”
  • ConAgra’s Forkful: “Here you’ll find recipes suited for both the everyday and special occasions.”
  • MR PORTER’s Weekly Journal: “Read & shop MR PORTER’s weekly style guide for key items chosen by our Editors and unique access to the world’s innovators, entrepreneurs and trendsetters.”
  • The Hartford’s BIZ AHEAD: “Visit Biz Ahead, powered by The Hartford, for the latest insights and advice to help you manage and grow your small business more effectively.”
  • ShopKeep’s Counter Culture: Counter Culture is ShopKeep’s news and advice center dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. Discover insider tips and download valuable resources.”
  • Q by Equinox: “Q is Equinox’s editorial site that was created to change the conversation on fitness and wellness by presenting it in an elevated way. To us, the body is the ultimate investment. We believe it takes equal parts inspiration and information to get you to commit—and that’s what Q provides.”
  • Estée Lauder’s Estée Edit: “Your source for beauty, inspiration and conversation: Secrets. Stories. Interviews. Insights. See Estée Lauder in a whole new light.”
  • Casper’s Van Winkle’s: “Van Winkle’s is a new website dedicated to exploring how sleep affects and informs our lives, both at night and during the day. Sleep may account for one-third of our time, but it influences us around the clock. Whether it’s sleep as related to science, health, family, pets, sex or travel, we’re eager to learn more.”

Remember, before you move any further in creating your content marketing strategy, be sure to have this documented and approved by your key stakeholders.



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