What Defines Creativity in an Integrated Model? (Hint: It’s more than just an awesome slogan)

Creativity takes many forms in the way companies communicate today. It can be in the way a business turns a reputational challenge on its head with a promotion so inventive in its simplicity; in a social media post that uses a surprising word play to generate shares and likes; or in a crisis response with the leverage of a digital platform to disseminate information in a novel way.

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10/14/2019 at 3:42am
3 major signals that your industry is about to be disrupted
1. Your industry has significant regulatory burdens
2. Your customers have to work at managing their costs
3. Your customers’ experience isn’t positive — or even neutral
10/10/2019 at 1:58pm
I chatted with Datasine's Content Editor about the recent rebrand and to share learnings. "The Story of a Rebrand. What Is Rebranding - And What It’s Not"

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