Integrated Marketing

Six tips for successfully planning an integrated marketing campaign

Integrated campaign planning is more in-depth than just co-ordinating different media channels, and we are now seeing brand marketers apply integrated methodologies to their everyday campaigns as a matter of course. In the most part, digital interaction is at the centre of marketing campaigns and this is stark recognition that today’s consumer is well and truly a digital consumer.

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What Defines Creativity in an Integrated Model? (Hint: It’s more than just an awesome slogan)

Creativity takes many forms in the way companies communicate today. It can be in the way a business turns a reputational challenge on its head with a promotion so inventive in its simplicity; in a social media post that uses a surprising word play to generate shares and likes; or in a crisis response with the leverage of a digital platform to disseminate information in a novel way.

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08/02/2019 at 3:18pm
What advice would our Product Manager, Alex Lillo, give to #UX designers starting out in their careers? "Focus on the user research. When you do that then suddenly everything falls into place". Read the full interview here: #tech #workingintech #datasine
08/01/2019 at 9:48pm
My favorite life lesson that I learned from the #Apollo11 mission is: The sky is not the limit...there are footprints on the Moon! #moonwalking cornellazar photo